Reviews by our members of various Paul Darrow appearances. Television, Conventions, Audios & Signing Events.
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Star One 2003
An Evening with Paul Darrow (June 2003)  
Star One 2004
Star One 2005
Star One 2006
 Dr Who Unleashed 2006
 NEW Terry Nation Tribute Event 2008


Hollyoaks. By Jim Smith.
Hercules. By Gillian Puddle.

Kaldor City

Occam's Razor & Death's Head. Reviews of the first recording sessions by Helen Parkinson & Fiona Moore. Photo's here
Keep Signing Through.   On the Occam's Razor publicity trail by Fiona Moore. Photo's here
Occam's Razor CD
 Review by Steve Buchanan

MJTV's "Paul Darrow An Actor Speaks"   By Helen Reilly.

Signing Events
Clacton Sci-Fi Event
A Galaxy of Stars. By Gillian Puddle.

"You're Him Aren't You?" - Reviewed  by Gillian Puddle.
"You're Him Aren't You?"- Reviewed  by Helen Reilly.
"You're Him Aren't You?"- Reviewed  by Ros Williams.

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