Last update 31st March 2013.

Law & Order UK
Paul has just finished fiming two more episodes of Law & Order Uk, reprising his role as Judge Prentiss.
We don't know as yet when the new series will be screened, sometime later in the year we think, so keep your eye  on the TV listings.

Signing Event.
Subject to the usual work commitments Paul will be attending a signing event
at The Voicebox, Forman St, Derby. On Friday 5th April
The event will run from 7.30pm - 10.00pm and will include a 30 minute Q&A session.

A Message from Paul.

I would like to thank so very many of you for your great kindnesses toward me at Christmas – and throughout the past year, for that matter.
It has been a difficult time and I am touched by, and grateful for, your support and compassion.
The words, “Thank you,” are all too inadequate, but they are sincerely expressed.
A Happy and Prosperous 2013

Tales of Terror & Mystery.
Paul will be appearing alongside Tom Baker in  Tales of Terror & Mystery, an evening of horror stories, splendid tales, magic & music.
The event is to be held at the Stables Theatre in Hasting at 7.30pm on Friday 12th October.
This is  a charity event aimed to raise funds for St Michael's hospice.

Further event details here.

Showmasters Entertainment & Media Show.
Paul will be a guest at the entertainment & media show at Olympia piceon Sunday 7th October.
For more information and other guests listed visit the Showmasters website here

Cult Publishers Expo.
Paul will be appearing as a guest of Big Finish at the Cult Publishers Expo on Saturday 13th October.
Other guests attending include Angela Douglas & Charles Chilton.
More details, venue etc here

"Lucifer" by Paul Darrow

At last we can officially tell you..... Paul has written a new Blake's 7 novel entitled "Lucifer".

The book will be published by Big Finish and available next May.
Paul is also going to record an audio version of the book, recording starts this autumn.

 “The adventure continues years later as Avon, now an older man, finds himself a key player in the game of power politics
 being played out on a grand scale by The Quartet – four ruthless leaders in an uneasy alliance,
who govern the world in place of the Federation.
Old enemies resurface and dangerous new ones appear as the time comes for old scores to finally be settled…”

Legend Photography.
Oliver at Legend photography has now completed an on location photo shoot with Paul.
There are some absolutely stunning and unusual portraits available for sale on their website, each portrait will be signed by Paul.
Click here to see more 

Regenerations 2012.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments),  Regenerations 2012 on Sunday 23rd September.
The event is held at The Village Hotel, Swansea.
Other guests for the event include Sylvester McCoy, Sir Derek Jacobi, John Challis & Angela Douglas.
For futher details visit

Audio Recordings...
Paul continues to record
for "The Liberator Chronicles" series for Big Finish . Check their website for release details.
Also he has recorded further episodes of "The Minister Of Chance". More info here
And finally, the latest episode of Kaldo City "Metafiction"& a new audio "The Timewaster" are now available from Magic Bullet.

A Message from Paul.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kind condolences after the sad loss of my dear Janet. Without whom I am so much the poorer.    
I would wish to thank you all personally and, where and when I can, I shall.  But if I cannot, I hope you will understand.
Your friendship and thoughtfulness towards me mean a great deal, particularly at this time.  Again, my thanks.
Love to you all.

Sad News.
It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Janet passed away on the 22nd of May after a period of illness.
All our thoughts, love and sympathies are with Paul and the family at this sad and private time.

 (Anyone wishing to send a message please send them to either Ann or Maureen to forward.)

Prophets of Science Fiction
Paul has just finished recording the narration of a new Ridley Scott documentary series "Prophets of Science Fiction"
"From Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov to George Lucas and Phillip K. Dick,
the dreams of storytellers often become the inspiration for researchers seeking mankind's next transformative discovery.
Each episode of Prophets of Science Fiction focuses on a visionary sci-fi figure whose spark of imagination changed our reality."

The series is to be screened on the Quest channel starting (we think) on Sunday 3rd June at 9.00pm, the first episode features Mary Shelley.
Definitely one to watch.!

A Message from Paul.
I would like to thank – somewhat belatedly, I must admit, everyone who so kindly remembered my birthday.
Whilst I would prefer to thank each of you, I hope you will understand that I have been quite busy of late and, coupled with Janet’s illness, the stress of time (which is what birthdays cruelly remind you of) prevents me.
Love to all the ladies and macho greetings to the gentlemen.

Big Finish Interview
There is an interview with Paul in Issue 36 of the Big Finish monthly magazine Vortex.
It can be downloaded from the Big Finish website.

The Timewaster.
Earlier this month Paul recorded a new audio play for Magic Bullet Productions.
Written especially for Paul by Alan Stevens of Kaldor City fame, this is one to watch out for.
There will also be a new short Kaldor City play available “Metafiction” again starring Paul & Patricia Merrick.
We haven’t got a release/download dates yet so keep your eye on the Magic Bullet website for forthcoming details.

A New Blake’s 7 Book.
Exciting news…… Paul is currently writing a new Blake’s 7 novel, to be published by Big Finish later in the year.
That’s all we can say for now, updates when we have more info.

Law and Order UK.
Paul's episode of  the third series of Law & Order UK is due to be screened on Friday 20th January at 9pm on ITV.
Worth checking the TV listings just to be sure.
Not to be missed!

Big Finish Day 2.
Paul will be attending Big Finish Day 2 on Saturday 11th February.
 Signing exclusively the “Liberator Chronicles” CD box set on it’s release, and copies of his autobiography “You’re Him Aren’t You”.
 Other guests at the event include: Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, David Warner and many others.
The event takes place at Barking Abbey School Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8UF.
Tickets for the event are £25 and can be ordered from

A Message from Paul.
" I would like to thank everyone who has treated myself and Janet most kindly, and generously, throughout 2011 – particularly at the times of  birthdays and over the Christmas holidays.
Whilst, as ever, it would be nice to thank each and all of you personally - this may not prove possible.
So - please accept  heartfelt appreciation via this medium.
 Love to you all."

Big Finish “Liberator Chronicles”
Paul has just finished recording a new series of audio CD’s for Big Finish – The Liberator Chronicles.
The first release will be a 3 CD box set available end of February 2012, featuring Paul on 2 of the 3 CD’s. The new stories are set between episodes of series 1.
 More releases are planned for spring 2012 for further information visit the Big Finish website.

Law and Order UK.
Paul's episode of  the second series of Law & Order Uk is due to be screened on Thursday 23rd September at 9pm on ITV.
Worth checking the TV listings just to be sure.
Not to be missed!

New Merchandise
We now have a new item of merchandise for you ...... the Avon shopping bag!
Check it out on the merchandise page.

Rebecca's World Audio CD.
We now have the release date for this...... 28th February
The two disc CD is available for pre-order from the Big Finish website and contains  not only Paul reading the book but also a special interview with him.

""It was the eleventh day of the school holidays and Rebecca was bored. Bored. Bored. Bored."
But events take a dramatic turn for the better (or worse) when she finds herself transported to a distant planet,
whose people are terrorized by jelly-like monsters called Ghosts. Rebecca resolves to sort out their problems.
With the help of Grisby, a sore-footed misery-boots, Kovak, an out-of-work spy, and Captain ‘K’, a rather puny superhero,
she sets out for the Forbidden Lands in search of a solution. There’s only one problem… the evil Mister Glister. "

Law and Order UK.
Paul's second episode of Law & Order Uk is due to be screened on Monday 25th January at 9pm on ITV.
A star studded cast fight for justice in a new British version of the long running American crime drama Law & Order.
The regular cast includes Bill Patterson, Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamber & Freema  Agyeman.
 Paul will be playing the role of High Court judge John Prentiss and up to now will feature in 2 episodes.
Other guest stars for the series will include... Patrick Malahide, Dervla Kirwan, Sean Pertwee & Kevin McNally.
Not to be missed !!!

Sad News.

 Janet's mother, "passed away" yesterday. 
Her passing was peaceful and given her age (a month short of 92) also debilitating illnesses, whilst not entirely unexpected, it is still a sad event.

A Message from Paul & Janet.

"Janet and Paul would like to thank everyone who so kindly, and generously, remembered us at Christmas and New Year.
Of course - we wish each and everyone of you good health, happiness and wealth throughout the coming decade.
Let's face it - any alternatives don't bear thinking about!
As an old acquaintance of ours once said - 'May your God go with you!'

UPDATED                                                                                        Emmerdale.

Paul has now completed filming 11 episodes of Emmerdale  for Yorkshire Television.

He is playing the role of  Eddy Fox an enthusiatic, fun loving, biker.

"Free spirit Eddy, (old friend of the character Alan Turner - played by Richard Thorp), is set to win the affections of the villagers when he arrives in the Dales on a trike."
Paul's episodes will start to be screened from Monday 13th July.
Not to be missed.

A Message from Paul & Janet.

Paul - and Janet - would like to thank everyone who so kindly remembered their respective birthdays.
Whilst we would prefer to respond to everyone individually, it would probably be Christmas before you heard from us!
So - our heartfelt thanks via this wonder of modern technology.
By the way.....we are now ageing backwards!
Love from Mr & Mrs Benjamin Button

Blake's 7 : Cygnus Alpha. BBC Audio CD.

Release date 9th April.
Product Description...
Paul Darrow reads this exciting novelisation of two "Blake's 7" TV adventures. On the run from the ruthless Federation, Roj Blake pilots the Liberator towards the planet Cygnus Alpha, determined to free those prisoners sentenced to life in its penal colony. At his side are fellow rebels Kerr Avon and Jenna Stannis, and the ship's computer, Zen. But there is plague on the bleak and desolate planet surface, and when the prison ship London arrives it discharges its passengers into the hands of superstitious maniacs. For prisoners Vila and Gan, it looks as if their end has come all too soon...Meanwhile, on the planet Saurian Major, there is a female telepath named Cally. Could she form the final component of Blake's 7? Read by Paul Darrow, who played Avon in the popular "BBC TV" series by Terry Nation, this CD volume tells the story of the episodes "Cygnus Alpha" and "Time Squad". "Blake's 7: The Way Back", read by Gareth Thomas, is also available from "BBC Audiobooks".

Law and Order UK.
Paul has just finished filming for the great  new programme Law & Order Uk. The series  begins on Monday 23rd February at 9pm on ITV1.
A star studded cast fight for justice in a new British version of the long running American crime drama Law & Order.
The regular cast includes Bill Patterson, Bradley Walsh, Jamie Bamberj & Freema  Agyeman.
 Paul will be playing the role of High Court judge John Prentiss and up to now will feature in 2 episodes.
Other guest stars for the series will include... Patrick Malahide, Dervla Kirwan, Sean Pertwee & Kevin McNally.
Not to be missed !!!
      UPDATE                                                We think Paul's first episode will be screened on Monday 16th of March.   
"Rebecca's World".
Last month Paul completed recording an audio version of  "Rebecca's World"  written by Terry Nation.
It is the book that Terry wrote a number of years ago specially for his daughter Rebecca.
The CD was recorded for Big Finish
and directed by Lisa Bowerman and will be available in November.
More details and exact release date when we have them. 

BBC Blake's 7 Audio book.
At the beginning of September Paul will be recording a new audio version for the BBC audio books of  one of Trevor Hoyle's  Blake's 7 novelisations.
No further detail, release date etc on this at the moment.

Aftermath - 30th Anniversary Event.
5th - 7th September at The Park Inn, Northampton.
 Guests confirmed (subject to work commitments)........... Paul Darrow,  Jacqueline Pearce,  Steven Pacey, Michael Keating,  Gareth Thomas,  Jan Chappell, Brian Croucher, Glynis Barber & Matt Irvine.
Aftermath is an event to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of "Blakes 7" uniting as many of the shows stars as possible.
Event activities include... Guest interview panels, photo studios, autograph opportunities, 3 themed parties & dealers room.
For more information, hotel details, ticket prices  visit the Aftermath website.

    UPDATE                                                                   One Day Tickets are now available.

New AVON Forum.
At long last after numerous server problems we have a brand new all singing and dancing forum for you. Existing members of the old forum will need to rejoin
 but, hopefully, you will find it bigger and better than the old one... and much more fun. Click here to visit the new forum. Have fun.
(The old forum will cease to exist on Sunday 8th June)

Celebrating Terry Nation 19th & 20th April 2008.
A review of this event along with photo's can be found on the Reviews page. Alternatively Click here to read it.

JACK fm win award.

At last night’s 2008 SONY RADIO ACADEMY AWARDS held at Grosvenor House in London, JACK fm was recognized as one of the best sounding radio stations in the country.
At the evening, considered UK radio’s equivalent of the Academy awards, JACK fm was awarded the industry’s coveted Silver Station Imaging Award.  The judging panel praised JACK fm’s imaging (the bits between the songs) for displaying “Great writing, conveying a huge number of idea’s, always fresh yet always on-brief and highly talkable, just what you need when you’re new on the dial”.
They also paid special tribute to the voice of Jack Fm, renowned Blake’s 7 star Paul Darrow, describing his casting as ‘inspired’. 

  Paul and Al Murray at the award ceremony. (Photo copyright  Greg Burke JACK fm)

50 Greatest TV Endings.
Paul has recorded an interview for a new Sky TV programme "50 Greatest TV Endings" (think we can guess what it's about from the title).
The programme is hosted by Cilla Black and will be broadcast on Sky One
on Sunday 8th June at 8.00pm. (Check tv listings they've changed it twice already).

Collectormania 13 MK.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments),  Collectormania 13 on Mon 5th May.
The event is held at The Centre Milton Keynes. From 10am - 4pm.
Other guests for the event include Sylvester McCoy, James Marsters, Mark Ryan, Bruce Boxleitner.
For futher details visit the Collectormania website.

Celebrating Terry Nation 19th & 20th April 2008.
10thplanet have announced lots of news and updates for this event.........
    First, a venue change, the event is now to be held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham. (Sharing the venue with Autographica 11 - but a seperate event).
    New guests announced...... Tony Curtis, Lalla Ward, Bernard Cribbins, Lucy Fleming, Barrie Ingham, Alexandra Bastedo, Gerald Harper, Kate O'Mara & Jennie Linden.
    Guest of Honour Kate Nation. This special event will be hosted by Paul Darrow and Joel Nation.
Plus a specially recorded interview with Sir Roger Moore will be screened exclusively at the event (see below news item).
Event features : Guest interviews, Celebrity Dinner, Charity Auction, Photographs etc.
For ticket prices/details and how to book visit the 10thplanet site.

"Blake's Junction 7" DVD Release.
January the 21st sees the long awaited DVD release of "Blake's Junction 7".
The DVD includes 2 other short films "Ant Muzak" & "The World of Wrestling"
Also the DVD has bonus material which features a commentary and  interview  with Paul Darrow & Mark Heap.

                        A Very Special Interview.

Earlier in December
Paul recorded an interview with Sir Roger Moore.
The interview was filmed specially as a tribute to Terry Nation.
It will be screened exclusively at the Celebrating Terry Nation event
19th & 20th April next year.

The AVON Calendar 2008
Back by popular demand
the AVON calendar. The new 2008 calendar is a wall hanger.
See the Merchandise page for details

TV Zone.
Paul has recently completed an interview with the Sci Fi magazine TV Zone. We are not sure in which issue the interview will be published,
 we think around the Christmas edition.  So TV Zone readers out there keep your eyes open.

Paul Darrow is JACK !!!

Paul is the voice of the brand new radio station 106 JACK FM.

Broadcasting begins on Thursday 18th October at

The new station  will be broadcast in the Oxfordshire
area but is also available via interweb.

To listen click the JACK FM Logo.

Behind the Mask.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments) Valiant Events - Behind the Mask convention.
The event in aid of  Accord Hospicis & Children in Need is to be held at the Quality Hotel, Glasgow on Saturday the 27th October.
Other guests : Sophie Aldred, Caroline Munroe, Eric Potts and Linda Clark.
For further details and booking info visit the Valiant Events website.

We are still having a few teething problems with the new  server, which is causing some disruption and differences to our Forum.
Please continue to bear with us (we are currently looking at alternative options) hopefully normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Tardis in Durham.
Unfortunately this event has now been postponed. New date TBA.

Stamp Centre signing....
Paul along with Colin Baker will be signing new limited edition commemorative stamp covers from Blake's 7 & "Timelash" for The Stamp Centre, London
 at the Star Wars Europe event on Sunday 15th July, held at the Excel Centre, Docklands, London.
Other guests include David Prowse,
Billy Dee Williams & Jeremy Bullock. The event runs from 9am - 5pm.
 Entry to the event is by ticket only see Excel Website for details.

Celebrating Terry Nation
10thplanet have just announced a special tribute event celebrating the work of Terry Nation.  Sat/Sun 19th & 20th April 2008 at  the Holiday Inn, Ipswich.
Paul Darrow & Joel Nation will be hosting the event. Guests announced: Lucy Fleming, Gerald Harper, Alexandra Bastedo, Bernard Cribbins, Clive Exton and Kate O'Mara.
Guest of honour Kate Nation. And specially filmed tributes from Sir Roger Moore and Tom Baker. With further guests to be announced.

For further event details, prices and how to book visit  the 10thplanet website CLICK HERE

 New Merchandise...
New merchandise now available......
A new fridge magnet (a picture of Avon to look at everytime you go to the fridge) See Merchandise page for details.
And.....Parts 3 & 4 of Helen Speight's TIME-LAPSE  serial are now available. See Zine page for details.

    DATE CHANGE                                                                       Timelash - DVD
At long last  the BBC will be releasing the Dr Who "Timelash" on DVD. Paul played Maylin Tekkor alongside Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.
Paul has recorded an interview / audio commentary for the DVD too, should be interesting.
10thplanet have a shop signing for this release on Saturday 14th July from 12pm - 2pm. Paul will be there along with Martin Gower. DVD price £12.99

"A Perfect Night In"
Paul  has recorded an interview for a new Channel 4 series "A Perfect Night In". The series features some of comedy's favourite stars as they choose their perfect night of TV. David Wallams and Matt Lucas among others, reveal their finest viewing memories with programme clips and guest interviews to highlight them.
The programme is due to be screened in May, the 20th we think but it's subject to change, so keep your eye on the TV listings.

Penmarric - DVD
On 19th of March the period drama series "Penmarric" is due to be released on DVD.
In this BBC adaptation Paul appears in the first episode as Robert Yorke, along with Rupert Frazer and Annabel Leventon.
"The lives and loves of a Cornish family spanning the years 1867 to 1940".
The DVD will be region 2 format and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.

   New Merchandise...
We now have a new zine available......TIME-LAPSE by Helen Speight
An exciting new story from the pen of Helen Speight.  It's quite an epic and will be produced in several parts. Part 1 "Catalyst" and Part 2 "Stand-Off" are available now.
Visit the ZINE page for prices and how to order.

 New Interview...
Back in October Paul was asked to do an interview for the Pension Service staff magazine.
The interview has now been published and is available online CLICK HERE to read it.

"I'm An Alien - Beam Me Off Here!"
Recording has now been completed for the new BBC 7 Childrens Sci-Fi Sketch radio series
"I'm An Alien - Beam Me Off Here!" written by Dean Wilkinson.
In which Paul stars as the narrator..
Series begins on Monday the 11th December at 4pm on BBC7 (part of Big Toe Radio Show)

UPDATED                                                                           "My Three Ladies"
Paul has just returned from Belfast having completed the recording of an audio drama for BBC Northern Ireland.
The drama "My Three Ladies" is a monologue in which Paul plays Henry VIII. The programme will be broadcast on BBC7 on the 2nd November.

Broadcast date is now Friday the 3rd  November at 6.30pm and repeated at 12.30.

Stranger Than Fiction.
Paul  has  completed the narration for  a Channel 5 documentary, the last  in the current Stranger Than Fiction series, " The Dog Suicide Bridge".
The programme will be screened on Wednesday the 18th of October at 8.00pm on Channel 5.

"A Scottish community claims that dozens of their pet dogs have committed suicide from a local bridge. The residents of  Dumbarton claim that since the 1960's at least sixty dogs have jumped to their deaths fron the Overtoun Bridge. The programme examines various theories ranging from dogs being disturbed by nearby military sonar to a reported paranormal prescence on the bridge."

The Indestructibles.
Paul is currently working on recording the narration of a new BBC series "Indestructibles".
The first of this eight episode series will be screened on Tuesday 3rd Oct, 8.30pm on BBC3.

"The Indestructibles is an action-packed show exploring the greatest machine ever created... the human body.
Four  reporters – Doc Damage, a tough-guy in the Clint Eastwood mould, Tesla Girl, a fearless reporter, and the Petri Twins
 will perform death-defying stunts, conduct experiments (on themselves), and meet unbelievable people from around the world." BBC3.
Poppy's Progress.
Janet has kindly written an article (and sent photo's) for the website to bring us all up to date with Poppy's progress.
To read the article and view photo's please click here for...... Poppy's Page.

"The Cult of....."
Paul has just finished recording an interview  for BBC Scotland who are making a series of 6 Sci-fi programmes for BBC Four as part of their Sci-Fi Season.
The six shows are Blake's 7, Adam Adamant Lives, The Tripods, Doomwatch, Star Cops & Survivors.
 The series will be called "The Cult of….." and will screen on BBC Four in December.
Other contributors for the programme : Chris Boucher, Pennant Roberts, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce,  Sally Knyvette, Michael Keating,
 Peter Tuddenham &  Mat Irvine.
The programme will also include "Blake's Junction 7", new unseen outtakes / bloopers and will be followed by an episode of  Blake's 7 (possibly "Blake").

  The Legend of Robin Hood - DVD

On 4th of September "The Legend of Robin Hood" is due to be released on DVD.
This  BBC adaptation stars Paul as the Sheriff of Nottingham, along with Martin Potter and Diane Keen.
The DVD will be region 2 format and is currently available for pre-order from Amazon.

A Message from the Darrows.
"Janet and Paul would like to thank everone who so kindly and generously remembered their fortieth wedding anniversary.  Age, hopefully, cannot wither us!"

Coventry - Book Signing.
Paul will be signing copies of "You're Him Aren't You?" at the Coventry Cult TV & Film  event, this weekend 29th & 30th July at the Leofric Hotel, Coventry.
Other guests include : Margot Kidder, Annette Badland, Danny Webb, Martha Cope, Paul Wesley & Missy Peregrym.
The event runs from 10am until 4pm on both days, entry fee £1. Plus there will be a Dr Who talk, tickets £5. For further info Click Here.
( A new review of the book has been added to the reviews page )

Dombey & Son - DVD
At long last another chance to see Paul as the evil "Carker" in the BBC adaptation of the Dickens novel "Dombey & Son".
BBC America are releasing a Region 1 DVD of the drama on the 15th August  as part of the Dickens collection, (available from
The 1982 TV  production stars Paul as James Carker, Julian Glover as Dombey & Sharon Maughan as Edith Dombey.

10thplanet are bringing Star One back to Bedford for 2007.  The event will be held  14th & 15th April at The Park Inn (previously The Moat House) Bedford.
Guests confirmed
(subject to work commitments)  Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Jacqueline Pearce, John Leeson, Brian Croucher, Angela Bruce, Peter Tuddenham.
More guests still to be announced. For further details Click Here  to book online visit the  10thplanet website.

Dr Who - Unleashed.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments), the  DWAS event "Dr Who - Unleashed"  21st - 23rd July at the Holiday Inn Ipswich.
With other guests.....Sylvester McCoy, Nicola Bryant, Julian Glover, Terry Molloy, Geoffrey Bayldon & June Hudson.
For further details and how to book visit the
DWAS website

Return of the Scoundrel.
Paul has just finished recording a radio play for the BBC.  “Return of the Scoundrel” is based on the original film “School for Scoundrels” – which in turn was adapted from the book “Oneupmanship” by Stephen Potter.   Alongside Paul in the cast is Ian Carmichael (who was in the original film) Richard Wilson and Colin Baker.  Sounds like fun.  We think the play will be broadcast on Radio 4, but there’s no definite date yet.  Keep your eyes on the listings.
Book Signing Tour.
Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you dates and information on the upcoming book signing tour
which Paul will be embarking upon this spring, with his new auto-biography "You're Him Aren't You ?".
Saturday 22nd April. Videodrome, Broad St, Worcester. 
Sunday 18th June.  Film & TV Summer Special. Marriott Hotel, Cardiff.
Saturday  29th July. Coventry Sci Fi & Cult TV Show. Leofric Hotel, Coventry
. further details here
For  reviews of the book Click Here.
 New Review added....

A Message from Paul.
    I would like to thank all of you who so kindly remembered my recent birthday with cards and gifts.
    Whilst I'll try to thank everyone personally, it is possible someone, somewhere, will be overlooked.
    Given the, "special," nature of the birthday, perhaps any omission may be excused as, "a senior moment!"
    I am finding it hard to accept that Avon and I are pensioners!
    I am hoping the Government will pay up.  Avon, on the other hand, stole all he'll ever need a long time ago!
    Your continued affection and thoughtfulness is, as always, much appreciated.
    Love from me.  Laughter in Paradise from Avon.

A Message from Janet.
To all you kind people, who sent me birthday cards and lovely presents, an enormous thank you. They cheered me up at having reached 64 !
We have bought ourselves a birthday present too. A dachshund puppy, called Poppy, who we will collect on May 21st.
Her mother is Daisy's sister and Kate who bred her, says she has the same friendly temperament and is just as pretty too. She's holding her own, against three huge brothers !

It's nearly a year since we lost Daisy, so the arrival of Poppy will fill an enormous gap and our quiet house will be noisy, untidy and full of laughter.
We can't wait !
love to you all.

Collectormania 9 MK.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments),  Collectormania 9 on Mon 1st May.
The event is held at The Centre Milton Keynes. From 10am - 5pm.
Other guests for the event include Michael Keating, Steven Pacey, Gareth Thomas, Peter Tuddenham.

Star One 2006 Update.
We would like to say a big "thank you" to everyone involved in making Star One 2006 a resounding success.
Our guests
, Paul Darrow - we couldn't have done it without you. 
Steven Pacey,  Michael Keating,  Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce,
Peter Tuddenham,  Michael Melia & Ian Thompson.
Our attendees, all of you & our helpers particularly Paul Jones, Gary Russell, Craig and Helen Shaw, Mark Pilkington, Mike Cook and the AV crew, Gary Holland for the superb costume display plus Andrea, Sarah & Sue for the Friday night quiz, and last but not least Ken Ellington and the staff of Swallow hotels for helping to make Star One 2006 a fantastic weekend.  The event was enjoyed by all and again we've raised over £1000 for our charity, Denville Hall.
For a review of the event Click Here.

 "You're Him, Aren't You?"  

We are pleased to tell you that today we have heard from the publishers
of Paul's autobiography, entitled "You're Him, Aren't You ?"

That the book will be published in March and launched at Star One
11th & 12th March, Stockton on Tees.

10thplanet are now taking orders for signed copies (at no extra cost).

The book is priced at £14.99.
 "The Visitation" DVD Exclusive.

: An Avon - PDS & Star One Dvd Exclusive.
The new short film "The Visitation", starring Paul Darrow and written by Jason Guest will premiere at Star One. A limited edition Dvd will also be available, for purchase only at the convention (Jason Guest will be joining us at Star One and will host a Q&A session about the film) or via mail order.
Merchandise page will be updated with price / order details as soon as we have them.
"A supernatural thriller that might be true", is how Paul has described the film, in which he stars as "Doctor Hector Lovelock
" a specialist in the field of the paranatural.
Season 4 DVD's Release Delayed
Just heard the news that the release of season 4 DVD's has been put back by several weeks.
However for those of you who have pre-ordered or are planning to pre-order your copies from 10thplanet.
Please don't worry your DVD's will still be signed by some of the Star One guests (at no extra cost). 
Colchester Sci-Fi / Film & Sports Fair
New event......Paul will be attending  the Sci-Fi, Film & Sports fair,  held at the Charter Hall, Colchester.
Sunday 29th January. The fair will be open from 10am - 5pm. Tickets £5 in advance £6 on the door.
Other guests include....Madelaine Smith, Warwick Davies, Caroline Munroe & David Prowse.
Sky TV Documentaries
Paul has just completed the narration for two new natural history documentaries for Sky TV.
Called 'Killer Whales' and 'Killer Squid' , they will be screened in the New Year. Keep your eye on the TV listings for broadcast details.
Collectormania G-Mex.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments),  Collectormania G-Mex on Sat & Sun 11th & 12th February.
The event is held at the G-Mex Centre Manchester. From 10am - 5pm.
Other guests for the event include Michael Shanks, Andy Sirkis, John Rhys Davies, Danny John Jules.
New Avon Merchandise.
New items of merchandise, Keyrings and Fridge Magnets. All ready for you to treat yourself or friends for the Xmas season.
Have a look at the
Merchandise page for details.
Paul along with Jacqueline Pearce & Gareth Thomas will be signing at  this years Memorabilia event.

The event is held at the NEC Birmingham on Sat & Sun 26th & 27th of November. Paul, Jacqueline & Gareth  will be at the event on Saturday 26th only.
Dimensions Convention.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments), Dimensions 2005. 10thPlanets annual Dr Who convention.
The event is to be held
over the weekend of Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November at The Swallow Hotel, Stockton on Tees. 
The event will feature : Guest Panels/Interviews - Autograph sessions - Dealers Room - Photo Studio - Coffee Clubs  & Celebrity Dinner.
Other guests include : Peter Davidson, Maureen O'Brien, Nicola Bryant,
Annette Badland, Bernard Holley and many more.
"Friday Night Hero".
Paul has just finished recording the narration on the pilot show for a new quiz series for C4 "Friday Night Hero".
No prizes for guessing which night the programme will be shown ! More info when we have it.
Among numerous other voiceovers, Paul can also currently be heard on the sponsorship voicelink for the new Channel 5 late night  programme  "The Showdown" broadcasting on Saturdays.
A Message from Janet & Paul.
We both want to thank those of you who wrote to us, after hearing we had lost Daisy. Your cards and letters were so kind, comforting and understanding.
Another thank you to those who remembered our 39th anniversary. It's hard to believe we've been married so long, the years have gone by so quickly.
With our love to you all.         Janet and Paul. 
Site Updates
Now added to the Review page. Galaxy of Stars. A review of the Weston-Super-Mare signing event by Gillian Puddle.
Booking online for Star One 2006 via secure server now available

Also, thank you to our new Avon forum members for bearing with us until we get the hang of it.....we're getting there...
A Message from Janet.
     Our beautiful and greatly loved Daisy, died on June 12th. She was only 10 months old.
Two weeks ago, she had survived life-threatening surgery and returned home full of energy as if nothing had happened. Two days later, she collapsed, and a second operation revealed she had Peritonitis.
    Daisy fought for her life, with tenacity and braveness that belied her smallness. Sarah, our vet, did all she could, even to taking Daisy to her house every night, so she could watch her. We were optimistic, most of the time, but on the sixth day, Sarah phoned to say that Daisy had deteriorated and was now too frail to fight anymore. She brought her home to us, so we could say our goodbyes at the end.
    Daisy really was a “one off”. From our first sight of her, aged 5 weeks, so tiny she sat in Paul’s hand, she had stolen our hearts. We had never known a dog with such a wonderful character and kind nature.
She loved life, she loved us, and she loved everyone she met and all dogs, big or small. She was full of fun. Very excited by her daily walks, played with her toys with obvious pleasure, had learned instructions almost at once, and being in the car, was her idea of heaven.
She could be quiet too, gentle and sweet. Every evening when I sat down to read or watch TV, she jumped to the top of the sofa and wriggled her way round my neck and went to sleep. Paul’s arrival downstairs in the mornings, resulted in lots of barks, and then Daisy planted herself between his feet, so he couldn’t move, rolled onto her back for her tummy to be stroked.
    To lose Daisy at the beginning of her life seems cruel and we find it hard to accept that she won’t grow old with us. We feel empty, and miss her dreadfully. It was our privilege to own her.          Janet & Paul.
A Message from Paul.
I would like to thank everyone who has so kindly remembered my birthday, with cards and other greetings.
It's quite traumatic reaching 40 !!!!
London Film & Comic Con.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments), The Showmasters event - London Film & Comic Con on Sat 25th June.
The event is held at Earls Court, London. From 9am - 5pm. Other guests for the event include Val Kilmer, Kate Mulgrew.
Star One 2006  
Following the overwhelming success of the 2005 event, we are pleased to announce STAR ONE 2006.
A celebration of Blake's 7.  Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March 2006. The Swallow Hotel, Stockton on Tees. 
The event will feature : Guest Panels/Interviews - Free Autograph sessions - Celebrity Dinner - Photo Studio - Coffee Clubs - Raffles - Prop & Costume Display - Charity Auction Saturday Eve Prize Quiz & Disco - Competitions & Dealers Room.
Plus Friday Evening is Early Bird Quiz
Guests confirmed for the event (subject to work commitments )
Paul Darrow - Colin Baker - Steven Pacey - Lynda Bellingham - Jacqueline Pearce - Michael Keating -
- Gareth Thomas - Michael Melia - Peter Tuddenham.    
With further guests to be announced.
Introducing the AvonPDS Chatroom / Forum.
We are pleased to announce our new chatroom / forum is now live.
Discuss Blake's 7 to your hearts content....your favourite episode, character (as if we didn't already know) etc.
To register & join our forum Click Here
Please note on the registration form you  need to fill in your full name (this field is not marked mandatory but is required to register)
Also registration is not instant please allow 2-3 days for the registration process - confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail.
Any queries please contact the forum administrator  Happy posting.
Review Page.
We now have a review page with write-ups and photo's from various events, audios and conventions. Click Here to check it out.
If you would like to submit a review or photo's for the website please send an e-mail to
Star One 2005 Update.
We would like to say a big "thank you" to everyone involved in making Star One 2005 an overwhelming success.
Our guests,
Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Michael Keating, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Jan Chappell, David Maloney & David Collings.
Our attendees, all of you & last but not least our helpers particularly Paul Jones, Craig and Helen Shaw, Alan Stevens, Mark Pilkington , plus Andrea, Sarah & Sue for the Friday night quiz, for helping to make Star One 2005 a fantastic weekend.
With an especially big thank you going to Paul for showing us "The way to Amarillo", we would never have got there without you !
 Plus......We will be doing it all over again next year, in Stockton on Tees this time. Details available shortly.......
An Evening with Avon & Servalan.
This very special event is to be held at the Swallow Hotel, John Walker Square, Stockton - on - Tees. Saturday 2nd July 2005.
The evening will begin in the hotel bar at 7.00pm.  At 8.00pm a private room will be opened and a carvery style meal will be served.
 After dinner Paul & Jacqueline will provide the evenings entertainment, stories, anecdotes & tales of B7.
Following which we will adjourn to the bar. The event will be relaxed and informal.  There will be only 45 tickets issued to ensure an intimate atmosphere and also giving everyone the chance to chat with Paul & Jacqueline.
Tickets £42.50. To book your place call 10thplanet on 0208 591 5357.
Special Hotel rates available £65.00 twin/double £55.00 single.
Please book your room directly with the hotel on 01642 679721 quoting the event to ensure the special rate.
Kaldor City Interview
An exclusive interview with Paul, conducted during the recording of Kaldor City: Storm Mine is now online at the Kaldor City site.
Paul talks about Kaston Iago's take on the world, choosing the right voice for the part, and how Paul sees "Storm Mine".
To read the interview here
A Galaxy of Stars.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments) A Galaxy of Stars.
The event which features signings, photo session,  panels, Dealers, Displays 7 Props, Awards Ceremony & Guest Evening Buffet.
Is to  be held at The Winter Gardens, Weston - Super - Mare  on Sat 16th April.
Other guests include : Mary Tamm, Colin Baker, Wendy Padbury, Nicola Bryant & Nicholas Courtney.
Dreamwatch Interview.
An interview that Paul has given (late last year) with Dreamwatch magazine will appear in their next issue, due to be published on February 25th.
Twisted Tales.
The new comedy/drama series "Twisted Tales" (Spine Chillers) starts this week on BBC3.
The episode in which Paul appears (along with Mary Tamm) is entitled "Flat Four" and is due to be screened on Sunday 23rd January at 10.30pm on BBC3.

                                             Star One 2005 - Blake's Junction 7.

We are pleased to announce that  Pitch Films have kindly agreed the screening of  "Blake's Junction 7" at Star One.
The film will be followed by a Q & A session with Tim Plester & Ben Gregor - writer & director. The film features Johnny Vegas as Blake & Mark Heap as Avon.

Paul Darrow & Mark Heap. 
Photographs copyright Pitch Films. 
Rough Magik on DVD.

H.P. Lovecraft Collection: Volume 2 "Rough Magik"
"Diana Armitage, with the help of her Home Office liaison, the mysterious Mr. Moon (Paul Darrow), launch an aggressive campaign against the Dreamers. This operation, designated the Rough Magik initiative, was successful but they trod on the toes of some powerful people, amidst accusations of financial impropriety and possible treason, and the Night Scholars were disbanded. Now years later, the old magic is returning, the Sleeping God is rising, and there are more Dreamers than Mr. Moon can handle as he struggles to rebuild the Night Scholars before its too late."
Now available on DVD Reg 1 only from
Paul continues to be heard in voiceovers for various channels including MTV, C4 and the Disney channel.
He has also just completed a documentary about Moses, Morgan Freeman is the narrator with Paul playing the voice of God. More details when we have them.
10thplanet Shop Signing / Xmas Party.
Paul will be attending the 10thplanet signing / Christmas party on Saturday the 18th December.
Signing two new CD's : Kaldor City 6 "Stormmine" in which he reprises the role of Kaston Iago,
and Big Finish's latest Dr Who release "The Next Life", in which Paul plays a character named Guidance.
Other guests signing at the event include Gregory De Polnay & Tracey Russell for "Stormmine" & Don Warrington & Anneke Wills for "The Next Life".
The signing / party will begin at 12.00 and continue until 6.00pm with drinks - nibbles and a fun atmosphere.
New Guests for Star One 2005
We are pleased to announce three more confirmed guests for Star One 2005.
  Jan Chappell - David Collings & Jacqueline Pearce will be joining

Paul Darrow - Michael Keating - Steven Pacey for a celebration of Blake's 7
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th April 2005, at The Moat House Hotel, Bedford. 
The event will feature : Guest Panels/Interviews - Autograph sessions - Celebrity Dinner - Photo Studio -
Coffee Clubs - Raffles - Friday Evening Quiz - Prop & Costume Display - Saturday Evening Entertainment - Competitions.
Paul will be attending this years Memorabilia event with 10thplanet.
The event is held at the NEC Birmingham on Sat & Sun 27th & 28th of November.
Other guests include David Warner & Nicola Bryant. Paul will be at the event on the Saturday only.
The 1970's Office.
Paul is currently recording the narration for a new Sky One programme "The 1970's Office.
The 1970s Office.It hardly bears thinking about, but just imagine having to live without all the technology that we take
for granted. We panic when we go to work and discover that we've left our mobile phones at home.
We're enraged when our computers crash and we can't order our weekly shopping over the web.
Once upon a time there was a strange world without computers, mobiles and the internet. Instead of bluetooth keyboards
there were typewriters. The only way to get money from your bank was to stand in a queue and write a cheque.
But we're bringing that scary world back to life in The 1970s Office, a retro-scripted reality series that will celebrate the
awfulness (and the richness) of the recent past. We'll do this by meticulously recreating the typical 70s office and installing
a bunch of fickle, precious and competitive admen for the toughest test of their careers.
The series is due to start on Thursday October 21st on Sky One.
Star One 2005
We are pleased to announce the dates for Star One 2005, a celebration of Blake's 7. 
 Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th April 2005, at The Moat House Hotel, Bedford. 
The event will feature : Guest Panels/Interviews - Autograph sessions - Celebrity Dinner - Photo Studio -
Coffee Clubs - Raffles - Friday Eve Quiz - Prop & Costume Display - Saturday Eve Entertainment - Competitions.
Guests confirmed for the event (subject to work commitments )
Paul Darrow - Michael Keating - Steven Pacey
Little Britain.
Paul has just finished filming for an episode of the new series of "Little Britain" for BBC 2.
We're not sure when the series will be aired, possibly autumn, keep your eye on the TV listings.
The series begins  19th October BBC 3.
"The Next Life".
Last month Paul did some recording for "The Next Life" a new 3 CD release for Big Finish.
It's part of their Dr Who audio collection and features Paul McGann as the Doctor & Daphne Ashbrook reprises her role from the Dr Who movie as the companion. Paul plays a character named Guidance.
The triple CD set is due for release in December.
For further details visit the Big Finish website.
Paul has just confirmed that he will be attending (subject to work commitments),
Collectormania on Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd October.
The event is held at  the Shopping Centre, Milton Keynes, and runs from 9am - 5pm each day.
Other guests for the event include Carrie Fisher, Miranda Otto, Billy Boyd & Walter Koenig.
10 Best Moments.
On the 23rd July, Paul was interviewed by Channel 4 for a programme in a new series "10 Best Moments". 
Paul will be in the one called "Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10". 
Gareth Thomas has also been interviewed for the show and the "moment" will be Avon shooting Blake.  Other "moments" will feature the Daleks and the alien bursting forth out of John Hurts chest (from Alien). 
The programme is to be screened on Sky One Monday 13th Sept at 8.00pm.
Space City Videos.
We've been asked over the years for copies of the Space City (86 and 88) videos, they are now available. 
Details and prices are on the merchandise page
click here.
    Glasgow Charity Event.
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments), a one day convention at the Glasgow Thistle Hotel on Sunday 1st August. The event is being held in aid of the families of the recent Stopline Plastics factory disaster and will feature guest talks, autograph & photo sessions etc during the day with a ceilidh / disco in the evening.
Other confirmed guests include Anthony Stewart Head & Michael Sheard. Tickets for the event are £30.
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright.
Paul has just finished recording a new audio CD series for Big Finish entitled "The Adventures of Luther Arkwright". Based on the classic science fiction tale by award winning writer/illustrator Bryan Talbot.
" The alternative England where Luther fights the Disruptors did not see the monarchy restored
after the English Civil War and has been under the rule of the Puritan Parliamentarians for hundreds  of years.
Lead by a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell, England is ripe for the taking by European superpowers that are preparing to invade. "
The series is to be released over four single discs and stars David Tennant as Luther Arkwright and Paul Darrow as Cromwell. The CD's will be released over 4 consecutive months starting in November 2004.
New Reviews.
We now have a review of Star One 2004 online.
Written by Gillian Puddle (with photo's courtesy of Steve Rogerson), 
Click here to read it.
  Also a  review of new MJTV - "Paul Darrow An Actor Speaks" can be found on the
Kaldor City site.
Plus, we have a review of the latest in the Kaldor City CD series "Checkmate" which can be found
Star One 2004 Update.
We would like to say a big "thank you" to everyone involved in making Star One 2004 an overwhelming success.
Our guests,
Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Michael Keating, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, Stephen Greif, David Jackson,
 Glyn Owen &
Janet Lees Price,

Our attendees, all of you & last but not least our helpers particularly Paul Jones, Alan Stevens & Mark Pilkington plus Andrea, Sarah & Sue for the Friday night quiz,  for helping to make Star One 2004 a fantastic weekend. 
 The event was enjoyed by all and again this year we've raised over £1000 for our charity, Denville Hall.
An Actor Speaks.
The new audio CD - Paul Darrow "An Actor Speaks" is now available from MJTV.
The CD features : Interviews, Monologues: "Sunset in the City" by Tanith Lee, "The Unwelcome Visitor" by Mark Thompson, and a special "Kaldor City" segment "The Prisoner" by Alan Stevens & Fiona Moore. Click here to order you copy directly from
News Flash Hoax
There is a hoax newsflash doing the rounds on the internet and on various forums, stating that Paul has been involved in an aircrash.
The report is totally false, Paul is fighting fit and currently working on voiceovers.
For those of you who enjoyed the Hercules experience a dedicated website is now up and running at  the site has details of the competition and competitors plus some photo's of Paul.
We also have a detailed review of the series - thanks to Gillian Puddle.
Click here to read it
          London Film & Comic Con.
Paul has just confirmed that he will be attending (subject to work commitments)
, the London Film & Comic Con on the 6th March.
The event is to be held at  the Wembley Exhibition Centre (Hall 1), and runs from 9am - 6pm.
Other guests include Adam West along with other members of the B7 cast including Gareth Thomas, Sally Knyvette, Stephen Greif,  Jan Chappell & Steven Pacey.
After the signing the B7 cast will take part in an interview -Q&A session which will run for approx 1 hour.
Further details of the event and guest line up available on the
Showmasters website.
Star One 2004 Update - An Actor Speaks.
We are pleased to announce MJTV's forthcoming CD "An Actor Speaks - Paul Darrow" will be launched at Star One. Mark Thompson the director will also be joining us to chat about the Actor speaks series and forthcoming MJTV projects. (previous CD's in the series feature Jacqueline Pearce & Gareth Thomas).
When The Boat Comes In on DVD.
The episode from this classic series  “A Pillowful of Buttercups” in which Paul plays the character “Barford” is due to be released on DVD in the UK on the 9th Feb.
The DVD “Ask for Twopence, Take A Penny”  also contains a further 4 episodes from the second series.
A Message from Paul.
                    Since resigning from a certain company, I have been inundated with letters, texts, fax’s
                    and telephone calls.            
                    Added to which, I have been personally approached on many occasions.
                    Without exception, I have been treated with kindness, sympathy and courtesy.
                    I would like to thank you all. Whilst being aware that the words, ‘thank you,’ are
                    all too inadequate.
                    A number of statements have been issued, to which some of you have asked me to
                    respond. But I could not hope to match the wit and perspicacity that so many of you have shown
                    in your responses.
                    As the festive season approaches, I wish every one of you a Merry Christmas or, if you prefer,
                    Happy Holidays.
                    Whatever……let’s hope 2004 will be peaceful and prosperous for us all.
                    Paul / Avon
                    PS:      Take a look at, “Hercules”, on BBC3 from 12th January.
                                You might like it.
Messages & Updates.
Paul has asked us to say an enormous thank you to all of you who have continued to support him and shown him such kindness, particularly over the last few weeks, it is very much appreciated.  Paul will be writing a message for the website himself, just as soon as he gets a minute. He is extremely busy, at the moment, working on "Hercules" which will be on our television screens soon.
An Actor Speaks.
Early in the New Year Paul will be recording an audio CD "An Actor Speaks",
which will be the 4th CD in
MJTV's successful series, with the release date planned for March 2004.
The content of the CD is currently under discussion but will feature :
Interviews -  'Kerr Avon - what made him the man he is'.  A piece written by Tanith Lee especially for Paul.
A completely new 'Kaldor City' segment written by Alan Stevens. A monologue written by Mark Thompson.
There will also be a question and answer segment on this CD So if YOU have any burning questions you'd like  to put to Paul Darrow on ANY subject please send them to:  Please include your full name and where you are from.  More details as we get them.

                       The Hercules Challenge.
The new Radar/BBC3 programme Hercules which is hosted and narrated by Paul.
Begins Monday 12th January 2004 at 8.00pm on BBC3.                       
                           Hercules - Half Man, Half God.
                    "Twelve ultimate endurance atheletes

                            Twelve impossible labours
                        Over twelve consecutive days. "
Not to be missed.......
Gallifrey One 2004.
Paul has been invited to & will be attending (subject to work commitments).
The annual American Doctor Who convention Gallifrey One's - Fifteen Minutes of Fame.
The event held at the Airtel Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California, over the weekend of 13th - 16th February 2004.
Other guests include Sylvester McCoy & Janet Fielding.
Voiceovers & "The Queen's Lost Uncle".
Paul has been very busy with voice overs and can be heard on various tv channels including -
 C4, C5, the Discovery channels and Granada Plus, voicing many trailers.

C4 will be screening a new documentary"The Queen's Lost Uncle" this Thursday (6th Nov) at 9.00pm.
Paul voices the part of Prince George with Robert Powell doing the main narration for the programme.
    9th October.
Blake's 7 The Movie - A Message from Paul.
        This is something I never thought I would have to write to you.
        I am sorry to say that circumstances have arisen, that leave me no alternative but to sever relations with the company formed to revive, “Blake’s Seven”.
        Terry Nation and I talked at some length about his idea for a two-part TV Movie that might capture the imagination of a new generation, as well as pleasing             those of you who have so constantly supported his original conception.
        Since his untimely death, I have tried to realise the vision which, in a sense, he entrusted to me.
        However, I have fallen foul of modern business practice, which seems to prefer exploitation of a, ‘brand’, and therefore, a TV Movie such as Terry and I                     envisaged seems as far off as when it was first mooted.
        Otherwise, I must quote, ‘artistic differences’, with those with whom I was previously in association.
        This is not a Damascene revelation – I have been disturbed by the situation for quite a while and have tried to remedy it, but my efforts have been overruled or         ignored. My position became untenable.
        You will know, I hope, how deeply unhappy I am and I’m sure you will share in my disappointment.
        As somebody once said – “Every silver lining has a cloud.”
        Your affection and support over so many years meant a lot to Terry – and still does to me.
        Thank you.
        Paul Darrow.
Blake's 7 DVD's - A Message from Paul.
There has been a lot of criticism, aimed at Paul, for the delays in the release of the Blake's 7 DVD's.  It seems certain people hold him entirely responsible for this delay and Paul feels somewhat aggrieved about this as the criticisms are unfounded.  He has recently issued the following statement which, we hope, will help to defuse the situation and put the blame on the shoulders of those who are responsible for the hold-up:-
Because I am Avon and hold, therefrom, the highest profile of those involved in the ‘resurrection’ of “Blake’s Seven”, it is inevitable, I suppose, that any complainants re the programme will focus on me. Indeed, frustrations concerning the release of the DVD’s of the original series have been, albeit mildly, vented upon me. Which is a pity, because I don’t run the BBC, much as I’d like to, and the corporation decides when, where and how such a release occurs.
As I understand it, there have been a few hiccups along the way, but there would seem to be no impediment to a DVD release in the near future.
However, the BBC’s DVD releasing mechanism is tried and tested and it will launch the product when it decides that a suitable window of opportunity has presented itself. Its decision, nobody else’s.
Candidly, I’d like to see the DVD’s. I’m beginning to forget what I did in the programme. Also, of course, their release cannot but assist efforts to revive it.
Publicity would seem to suggest that I have sole control of ‘the rights’, to the programme. I wish. But it is not the case. Therefore, I can’t influence matters as much as I’d like to. Remember – it was Blake who called the shots. Avon went along for the ride. In the end, of course…..Well, you know. But it took a while.
I, like you hope that all turns out for the best. In the meantime, as Avon learned the hard way, patience is a virtue.
Challenges & Criminals.
Paul has recently finished filming a new programme for BBC3, which we think will be titled "The Hercules Challenge", a show based along the lines of  "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" with 24 hour filming, which features atheletes in an eliminating competition, based on the trials of Hercules.  Paul is the on screen presenter (an upmarket Ant & Dec ?) & narrator of the programme, which will be shown sometime in the autumn on BBC3.
Also, last week Paul completed the narration of a documentary about war crimes for ITV, we're not sure of the title or screening date but the subject matter should make it fairly easy to spot. So keep your eyes on the TV listings.

UPDATED     10thplanet Signing's 2003
Paul will be attending (subject to work commitments) a series of signing events arranged by
Events will be held at various venues throughout the UK. Giving everyone a chance to meet Paul.
May 10th & 11th - Northampton.   Autographica 2003.
June 7th - Milton Keynes. An Evening with Paul Darrow.
Click here for a review of the evening.
July 19th - Milton Keynes. An Evening with Paul Darrow.
 September 14th - Clacton Sci Fi Convention.
Click here for a review and photo's from Clacton.
September 20th - 10thplanet shop Barking.
For the release of Kaldor City 5 "Checkmate" & "Liberation" a new unofficial Blake's 7 book.
November  22nd & 23rd - Autographica Special Event, Royal Court Hotel, Coventry.
Paul will be at this event for both the Saturday & Sunday. 
November 29th & 30th - Memorabilia, NEC Birmingham. Check out the scrapbook page for photo's from this event 
Star One 2004
We are pleased to announce Star One 2004, a celebration of Blake's 7. 
 Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April 2004, at The Moat House Hotel, Bedford. 
Guests confirmed for the event (subject to work commitments )
Paul Darrow - Glynis Barber - Stephen Greif - Lynda Bellingham -
Gareth Thomas - Jacqueline Pearce - David Jackson - Janet Lees Price - Glyn Owen.
An Evening with Paul Darrow.
Due to the overwhelming response and the rapid sell out of tickets for our special event
We are delighted to announce that a further date has been added  and a second evening with Paul will be hosted on Saturday 19th July.
 Ensuring an intimate atmosphere and the opportunity to enjoy conversation with Paul.
The evening will begin at approx 5.00pm with a photo / autograph opportunity, followed by  coffee and conversation with Paul,  then a hot buffet style meal, 
 at 8.30pm a performance of Paul Darrow’s One Man Show.  Tickets £47.50 each
Venue:The National Badminton Centre, Bradwell Road, Loughton Lodge, Milton Keynes.
Call 10thplanet now on 020 8591 5357 and book your ticket.
News Update 
Paul continues to do various voiceovers for Sky and Channels 4 and 5, and has completed various voices (American Presidents, German Officers etc) for a World War documentary for (we think) Channel 4? Also, he has just finished recording trailers for the BBC programmes 'Parkinson' and one about Gourmet Cooks… plus one for the Discovery Channel on Rasputin.
Also we have a new zine available Avon 28 - Play Dirty by Hilary Robertshaw.
For further details and prices see   Zine  page.
New Zines & Coaster
New AVON merchandise now available : 2 new zines  AVON 26 - A Distortion of Time by Marian de Haan & AVON 27 - Guile by Maggie Crowe.
For further details and prices please see Zine page. Also we have a new coaster ready for you No 8 - Avon with Zen in background see Merchandise page for details.
Kaldor City Update
There is a new  discussion forum/newsgroup dedicated to Kaldor City, where fans of the series can exchange opinions,chat about the CD's and generally keep up to date with events in the Kaldor City world. To access the group visit - 
Star One Update.
We would like to say thank you to everyone involved, our guests, 
Paul Darrow, Steven Pacey, Scott Fredericks, Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, 
Jan Chappell,
 Janet Lees Price, Sally Knyvette, Hattie Hayridge & Patricia Merrick.

Our attendees, all of you & last but not least our helpers, you know who you are,  for making Star One a fantastic weekend & very successful event. 
With an especially big thank you going to Paul, we couldn't have done it without you !
 The weekend was enjoyed by all and we raised over £1000 for the convention charity, Denville Hall.
For photo's & a review of Star One by Gillian Puddle Click Here.
For further event updates and announcements........ Keep your eye on this space.
Cult TV 2003
Paul has been invited to & will attend (subject to work commitments).
The 10th annual Cult TV Festival - Cult TV's Greatest Hits.
The event, which features the most popular guests from the previous cult tv's, is to be held at Sandbay Holiday Village, Weston-Super-Mare, 10th - 13th October 2003.
Further information & booking details available on the Cult TV website
Blake's 7 Evening - BBC 7.
Paul has just recorded and interview & voice links for a BBC 7 radio special Blake's 7 event, possibly titled "Zen & the Art of Blake's 7". The programme will be airing, we think, on either the 1st or 2nd of February at 8am & repeated at 9pm. The programme will also include broadcasts of "The Sevenfold Crown" & "The Syndeton Experiment", plus interviews with cast members.
Lord Peter Wimsey.
 The 70's BBC series of "Lord Peter Wimsey" mysteries, which have previously been released on video. Are now available (released the beginning of January) as individual stories on DVD in Region 1 & 2 formats.  Paul starred as Tallboy in the episodes "Murder Must Advertise" 
The Real Three Kings ?
Paul has recently completed some narration for a documentary which he thought was to be titled "The Real 3 Kings". BBC 2 are screening  "The Mystery of the 3 Kings" at 8.15pm this Saturday (21st). We're not sure if this is the same programme but it seems likely, if so Cherry Lunghi will be narrating with Paul doing the bible readings.
"Die Another Day" Maybe ?
As you are probably aware (if not…where have you been?) in the next couple of  weeks, the new James Bond film "Die Another Day" will premiere.
 Paul actually had a small part in the film - as James Bond's doctor.  Although we don't know for sure if he'll appear in the final version, Paul feels that, due to the vagaries of the powers in charge, his part will be cut.  But, as already mentioned, we don't know for sure.   However, reading in the Daily Mail today (4th Nov) it appears Sean Connery was paid for a 20 second cameo as 007's dad and the producers are  agonising whether to include the scene after it was pointed out that, in Fleming's novels, Bond was an orphan.
 So… if Sean has to go…what chance has Paul of staying? 
Check out the film - you never know.
Tenth Planet Signing Tour 2002.
Paul attended a series of signing events for 10thplanet during 2002.
The  dates were....  February 3rd - Cheshunt.  

March 24th - Cardiff. April 14th - Reading.
April 20th - Barking. Tenth Planet Shop. 
May 4th & 5th - Milton Keynes.Collectormania.
May 11th - Assimilate This ! Woking.
May 18th & 19th - Northampton.    Autographica 2002. 
  June 23rd - Watford. .
. August 24th & 25th - Glasgow.   Memorabilia, SECC. .
September 7th - Norwich.  2nd Film Fair.
November 16th & 17th - Birmingham. Memorabilia, NEC Birmingham.
November 30th - Who @ 39. Con. Queen Mary University, London
Hollyoaks Update.
The episodes of Hollyoaks in which Paul played a judge & Sylvester McCoy a barrister, were broadcast Monday & Tuesday 26th/27th August. Don't worry if you missed it  - 
Hollyoaks is repeated in omnibus form on C4 Sunday mornings.  
To whet your appetite Click Here to read a review of the programme by Jim Smith.
Star One - The Event.
We are pleased to announce Star One, a 25th anniversary celebration of Blake's 7.
 Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th March 2003, at The Moat House Hotel, Bedford. 
Guests confirmed for the weekend
Paul Darrow - Steven Pacey - Scott Fredericks  - Jacqueline Pearce - Jan Chappell - Sally Knyvette
With special surprise guests on both days.
Who @ 39. Con.
Paul,  will be attending, ( subject to work commitments ),the Dr Who one day event Who @ 39. Con. on the 30th Nov 2002 
The event is to be held at Queen Mary University, Mile End, London on Saturday the  30th Nov 2002.
Other invited guests :- Terry Malloy, Nicholas Courtney & Russell Hunter.
Primal for the Playstation 2 .
Paul has recently completed recording voices for a new Playstation 2 game Primal.
An action adventure game by the designers who brought Medievil to the Playstation 1.
Due for release this winter the game will be 3D action/adventure style with several intriguing puzzles to solve along the way. .
Plus, any football fans among us ? if so you may have noticed Paul's voiceover on the advert for Philips recordable DVD players, it's being shown frequently at half time.
New Voiceovers/Links
Paul has been busy doing 'voice links' for the National Geographic Channel,  and recently finished doing the voices for a new BBC (Or Channel 4- not sure which)
TV programme 'Battle of the Atlantic' in which he covers several characters.
Also....for those who understand the term 'Broadband', 
Paul has been working with a company called Flextech doing the narration for "Future Fear", a series of six vignettes.
Back-Issue Newsletters.
Now available back issue Avon newsletters. Find out what you've been missing.   Click here for details.
New Voice Links.
Paul can currently be heard on Channel 5 in voicelinks/trailers for the programmes "C.S.I." and "Urban Gothic".
 Update Ghostwatch - Live. Update
BBC Worldwide  with UK Horizons will be producing Ghostwatch Liveas part of it's haunted weekend celebrations for Halloween. 
Ghostwatch will be broadcast live from the Tower of London on the  26th & 27th Oct.
Paul along with Claudia Christian will be presenting the hour long live programme, (shown on the 26th Oct on UK Horizons), following which live coverage of the event will continue in a streamed broadcast over the web.
Also over the weekend Paul presents and recounts tales of some of the Towers most famous residents in 6 mini-documentaries.
Finally, a one hour documentary, Secrets of the Paranormal, which Paul has narrated,
 set against a backdrop of the Ghostwatch live event, will be shown on 31st Oct again on UK Horizons.
Top 10 TV.
Paul will be appearing in the Channel 4 television programme called 'Top 10 TV'. 
 Those that have already seen this programme will know that it deals with the  'top 10' of a variety of things -
 in Paul's case 'Top 10 TV' deals with Science 
Fiction programmes. Also taking part: Gareth Thomas and Jacqueline Pearce. 
Broadcast date: Saturday, 13th October 21.00pm - 22.40pm.
Galaxy 4 - Signing Session.
Paul Darrow & Brian Croucher are the guests for this signing session.
The event is to be held at Sheffield Hallam University, Howard St, Sheffield on the 22nd of September.
The event includes :- Interviews with the guests, autographs and photographs, merchandise on sale and  a raffle. 
Signing Session - Tenth Planet.
 Paul, along with Peter Tuddenham & Peter Miles , will be doing a signing session for "Occam's Razor" (the first Kaldor City CD). 
On the 1st of September, from 12.00 - 4pm, at 10thPlanet Shop,  Vicarage Field Centre, Barking, Essex.
Also, anyone with Sky TV must have heard Paul's dulcet tones doing voice overs for trailers.  The Discovery Channel's 'Home and Leisure' features quite a few - among them is one of the main advertisements for Home and Leisure, plusPaul's voice can be heard on the trailers for the programmes 'The Garden  Railway', 'Ancient Structures' and 'This Old House'.
Signing Session - Farnborough.
Paul will be doing a signing session on the 2nd of June at the Who Shop stand in the Princes Mead Shopping Centre, Farnborough, Hants.  
Signing  from 11am to 2.30pm.
New Voiceovers on Film Four.
Paul has just finished recording voicelinks etc for a new Film Four Sci-Fi weekend.
Guardian of the Abyss.
 Hammer House of Horror are releasing a selection of videos,with each tape comprising of  3 or 4 episodes from their horror series. 
 Paul starred as "Andrews" in the story "Guardian of the Abyss" which is on Volume 4  due to be released 16th April.
SF:UK (The Seven Ages of Science Fiction)
The Channel 4 documentary titled as "The 7 Ages of Sci-Fi" for which Paul was interviewed last year. Is now titled SF:UK  and showing on C4 Saturday night / early Sunday at varying times.  The series will be shown in 8 parts and also features interviews with Gerry Anderson.
We think Sat 28th April's episode will feature Blake's 7 & Paul.
Resurrection Convention 15th-16th Sept 2001
Paul has been invited to attend, and accepted ( subject to work commitments ) , the Resurrection Convention. 
To be held at the Moat House Hotel in Stoke-on-Trent on the weekend  of the 15th -16th of September.
Other invited guests :- Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred, Nicola Bryant, Caroline John, Deborah Watling & Nicholas Courtney.
The Greeks.
Paul has recorded readings of Aristotle, in voiceover for the new 3-part series The Greeks.
The first part was shown Sat 6th Jan on BBC 2 at 8.10pm. 
OK Magazine & New Voiceovers.
OK Magazine issue 240 Nov 24th has a nice photo of Paul in it.
Also Paul has completed voiceovers on adverts for "Battlefield" a Discovery Channel programme & one for Woolworths, the last "Inspector Morse" video release.
The Story of the Labour/Conservative Party.
Paul has completed the narration on two new videos, The Story of the Labour Party & The Story of the Conservative Party.
The videos are now available exclusively from W. H. Smith at £16.99 per 2 tape pack. ( Each story on 2 tapes approx 100 mins )
Hostile Waters CD-Rom.
Paul has recorded a new CD-Rom game "Hostile Waters"  with Glynis Barber & Tom Baker. Due for release February 2001.
Starfleet Ball
Paul has been invited to attend, and accepted (subject to work commitments), the Starfleet Ball. (Saturday only).
To be held over the weekend of 9th -11th February 2001 at the Carrington House Hotel, Bournemouth.
Other invited guests :- Jacqueline Pearce, Robert Picardo & Hattie Hayridge.
An Audience with Paul Darrow.
Paul will be appearing at the Fab Cafe in Manchester on the 7th November.
Tickets are available direct from the Fab Cafe and will be on sale from the 14th August at £5.00 each.
Fab Cafe is a  tv/sci-fi related cafe/bar with a friendly atmosphere & has already had some very famous visitors.
SFX Magazine.
The October issue (No 69) is out now, containing a 3 page feature/interview with Paul.
I Love the 70's
A new BBC series all about the 70's, each week featuring a different year.
Paul will be appearing in the 1978 programme along with other B7 cast members.  This episode is due to air on Saturday 16th Sept on BBC 2.
Nexus Convention 7th-9th July 2000
Paul has been invited to attend, and accepted ( subject to work commitments ) , Nexus Convention. (Saturday only).
To be held at the Jarvis Hotel in Bristol on the weekend of the 7th -9th of July.
Other invited guests :- Walter Koenig, Nicholas Courtney & Danny John Jules.
The Strangerers.
Paul appeared in episodes 2, 3,6,7, 8 & 9 of Rob Grant's SF comedy series  'The Strangerers' shown on Sky One. 
Paul played, C.D. - a seedy hotel owner.
The Strangerers fan club page ran a poll to find out favourite characters,actor etc, from the series.
Paul won the best baddie category hands down, with a total of 53 votes. (nearest rival had 37 votes).
Paul also came very close to winning the best actor category, pipped at the post by Mark Williams and 2 votes