PAUL DARROW was born on the 2nd May, 1941 in Surrey, educated at the Haberdashers’ Askes School and studied drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.
Paul is married to the actress Janet Lees Price and they live in a small town in West Sussex.
Apart from his work, Pauls interests include military history, the cinema, good food and wine and he is a keen supporter of Manchester City FC.

Paul is also an accomplished author and up to date has published 3 books :
 "AVON A TERRIBLE ASPECT", a novel detailing of the early life of Avon, published in 1989.
  " QUEEN THE EYE", a novelisation based on the CD-ROM game produced by the rock group Queen (for which Paul also provided voices).
 And published this year "YOU'RE HIM AREN'T YOU?" an autobiography.

Paul has appeared with most of the leading repertory companies nationwide, including four seasons with the Bristol Old Vic, and in London's West End.
Theatre performances include :

The 1960's
Dracula - as Count Dracula.
David Copperfield - as Uriah Heep.
Mother Goose - as Demon Greedy.
 Merchant Of Venice - as Bassanio.
The Robe - as Marcellus.
Rattle Of A Simple Man - as Richard.
A Christmas Carol - as Scrooge.
The Winslow Boy - as Sir Robert Morton.
A Kind Of Loving - as Vic Brown.
Beyond The Fringe - Revue.
Look Back in Anger - Jimmy Porter.
The 1970s :-
A Midsummer Night’s Dream - as Snug.
Mousetrap - as Sgt Trotter.
The Rivals - as Falkland.
Pinocchio - as The Cat.
Butley - as Ben Butley.
Private Lives - as Victor Prynne.
Long Day’s Journey Into Night - as James Tyronne.
She Stoops To Conquer - as Marlow.
Suddenly At Home - as Glenn Howard.
Dial `M’ For Murder - as Tony Wendice

The 1980s :-
Mr Fothergill’s Murder - as Dick Taylor.
Terra Nova - as Scott.
Don’t Start Without Me - as Eric.
I Have Been Here Before - as Walter Ormund.
Run For Your Wife - as D.I. Troughton.
Eden End - as Charles Appleby.
Romantic Comedy - as Jason Carmichael.
Are You Lonesome Tonight ? - as Elvis.
Alibi for Murder - as Charles Jeffries.

The 1990s :-
Trap For A Lonely Man. - as Inspector.
Gaslight - as Jack Manningham.
Dial `M’ For Murder - as Tony Wendice.
(also directed Relatively Speaking, starring Michael Keating, as part of the Worthing summer rep season).
Macbeth - as Macbeth.
Rough Crossing - as Ivor Fish.
Deadfall - as George Thomas.
Guards! Guards! - as Captain Vimes

Apart from 51 episodes as Avon in Blake's 7, Paul has appeared in more than 200 television programmes.
These include

1960s :-
Emergency Ward 10 - as Dr Verity (73 episodes)
The Saint - as Omar.
Z Cars - as Jerry Shand.
Special Branch - as Lawyer.
Coronation Street - as Doctor.

1970s :-
Dr Who & The Silurians - as Cptn Hawkins.
The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes - as Dr Hart.
Lord Peter Wimsey - as Mr Tallboy.
Within These Walls - as Dr Richard Green.
The Legend Of Robin Hood - as Sheriff of Nottingham.
Dixon Of Dock Green - as Pearce.
Poisoning Of Charles Bravo - as Charles Bravo.
Penmarric - as Robert Yorke.

1980s :-
Drake’s Venture - as Thomas Doughty.
Hammer House Of Horror -
"Guardian of the Abyss" as Simon Andrews.
Dombey & Son - as Carker.
Maelstrom - as Oliver Bridewell.
Dr Who, Timelash - as Tekkor.

1990s :-
Making News - as George Parnell.
Cluedo - as Mr Hope.
Fiddlers Three - as Reggie Parsons.
Emmerdale - as Patrick.
Haggard - as Mad Jack Haggard.
Science Fiction (The Missing Link) - as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Stick With Me Kid - as Victor Beaudine.
Ghoulashed - as The Ghoulmaster.
Pie In The Sky - as Wilkes.

The Strangerers - as C.D.
Ghostwatch Live - Host / narrator.
Hercules - Host / narrator.
Little Britain - Tory MP.
The 1970's Office - Narrator.

RADIO  Includes :
The Silver Sky - as Paul Baxter.
Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less
 - as Stephen Bradley.
Wind In The Willows - as Badger.
Country Of Afternoons - as Giovanni.
Sevenfold Crown & Syndeton Experiment

FILMS  Include :
Mr Jericho - directed by Sidney Hayes.
The Raging Moon - directed by Bryan Forbes.
Port of Secrets - directed by Egil Eikuil (Scandinavia).
The Power of Gold - Narrator.

Kaldor City series - as Kaston Iago.
An Actor Speaks - as himself.
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright -
as Cromwell.
The Next Life (Dr Who) - as Guidance.

The above is only a very small selection of Paul's work.
For more detail, anecdotes, stories etc